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Randall Loop, YMOYL Coach


Your Money or Your Life
7 Week Discussion Course WEBINAR 

Conscious Behavior with Money


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30 CE's for the 7 Week Discussion Course


Your Money or Your Life/YMOYL a best-selling book and study course by Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez – a 9 step Program for personally Re-Tooling your conscious activity with money leading to transformation, fulfillment and purpose.


Expected Results of Applying the Tools

Beginning to Notice a Higher Quality of Life

Start to Pay Off Debt and Build Savings

Link your Deepest Values/Purpose with your Finances

Reduced Expenses – an average of 20 Percent within 6 Months

Learn to Create a Spiritually Sustainable Relationship with Money! 

Step 1: Listen to the FREE Overview with the Author and Introduction by the Facilitator at LINKS below.

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Step 3: Obtain a copy of the Your Money or Your Life Book Online or barrow from the Library/Friend.

Session 1 - Convening and Getting Started 

Session 2 - The Money Trap

Session 3 - What is Money

Session 4 -  Knowing Where Your Money Goes

Session 5 - Fulfillment, Purpose and Alignment

Session 6 -  Making Life Energy Visible

BREAK -  Practicing the Steps

  Session 7 -  Looking at Your Progress

FREE Overview 

Your Money or Your Life/YMOYL 

is a best-selling book by Vicki Robin 

& Joe Dominguez – a 9 step program for personally re-tooling your conscious activity with money. You'll experience transformation, fulfillment and actualization of purposeful living.

5 Minute Web

Author Overview

FREE - YMOYL Overview 

FREE Introduction

During 2004 Randall discovered the YMOYL Study Group through Simply Living of Central Ohio and as a result 

of living the 9 simple awareness building steps. Since 2006 he has led study groups and coached individuals through 

the program.

30 Minute Web

Instructor Introduction

FREE - YMOYL Introduction

30 Minute Audio ONLY
Instructor Introduction
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FREE Study Guide 
with Course Payment

After you have made your payment you will receive  via email Participation Instructions 

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The guide can be used for Personal Study or a Live-Webinar-TeleConference 

Group Discussion Course.


You will have Email Contact with Randall Loop the Instructor and your YMOYL Coach ANYTIME!


The YMOYL Book is FREE 
at Libraries or from Friends
Purchase  Online at SimplyLivingOnlineBooks 

$13.00 or So...
The book is not required for the Webinar!


The YMOYL Coaching Facilitator - Randall Loop is highly familiar with financial desperation. He went bankrupt in the recession of the late 1980’s and he navigated several personal crises over the next few years. In 1997 he began to regain a measure of success at living his values, but until 2004 he remained just shy of his “Goldilocks Point”– as he calls it. During 2004 Randall discovered the YMOYL Study Group through Simply Living of Central Ohio and as a result of living the 9 simple awareness building steps, he paid off nearly $20,000 in credit card debt, developed savings and now owns a home/business combo in Merion Village/South Columbus. Since 2006 he has led study groups and coached individuals through the program.

Randall Loop, YMOYL Coach or (614) 496-4595