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License Boards the FSHLB Services

Alliance of Christian Healers License Board (ACHLB)

The Alliance invites all Christians to become licensed by us. We work closely with every Christian denomination to protect your rights. We support several spiritual associations that offer you a web site, professional insurance, conflict resolution services and other useful benefits.

Fellowship of Modern Essenes License Board (FMELB)

The Modern Essenes are a modern-day healing society that subscribes to the healing philosophy of the Ancient Essenes that states: All physical ailments are healed when you resolve the emotional issues that caused them. All emotional issues are resolved when you change your thinking about yourself and others. We license spiritual healers and coaches.

Independent Science of Mind Fellowship (ISOMFP)

We believe you have the power to heal yourself by tuning into the Divine and using the Divine healing power to heal your body, mind, spirit, emotions, dysfunctions and lack of anything in your life. We license practitioners as spiritual health, life, or wellness coaches and spiritual healers or coaches.

Licensed Spiritual Healer Council (LSHC)

The Licensed Spiritual Healer Council is a non-denominational fellowship of spiritual healers of all faiths who use light, sound and/or vibration as part of their spiritual healing practices

Quantum Healer License Board (QHLB)

The Quantum Healer License Board licenses quantum healers who are properly credentialed and trained in any quantum healing modality. Please be patient as we rebuild our website. The Quantum Healer License Board is sponsored by the Quantum Fellowship.

Quantum Healing Hands Fellowship (QHHF)

The Quantum Healing Hands License Board offers spiritual healer licenses to hands-on and hands-off spiritual healers who use any proven spiritual healing techniques adopted by the board. The Quantum Healing Hands Fellowship is part of the Universal Fellowship.

Reiki License Commission (RLC)

The Reiki License Commission licenses qualified applicants as a Reiki Healer, Reiki Coach, Reiki Master Healer and Reiki Master Coach. RLC also maintains a spiritual Reiki teaching called Empowering Reiki (E-R) The Reiki License Commission is sopnsored by the Reiki Circle Network.

Spiritual Healer License Board (SHLB)

Spiritual healers of all Eastern and Shamanism paths who call upon any and all faces of the Divine are most welcome to help us heal Mother Earth and all of her her children. We embrace you and your spiritual healing mission regardless of your faith or the Gods and Goddesses you call upon for spiritual healing. The Spiritual Healer License Board is a part of the Independent Fellowship.

Spiritual Health Coach License Board (SHC)

Spiritual Health Coaches are encouraged to follow their own spiritual path in using the healing power of the Divine to heal people seeking healing of their body, mind, spirit, soul, emotions, ego and their desires. Spiritual Health Coaches may use any spiritual healing modality to help humans, animals, plants and things become healed on every level of their being. The Spiritual Health Coach License Board is a part of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship.