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The Empowerment Sessions Course©

“Activating Awareness, Connection and Presence”

OVER 50 SPIRITUAL HEALERS HAVE Experienced ACTIVATION in Awareness, Connection and Presence with Randall Loop, Spiritual Alignment Coach™

Experience New Insights and Revelations 


10 Credits


Webinar Review Included with Course


A frameable Certificate of Activation and Achievement is provided upon Completion!


Your "Awareness: Message: Creating awareness of who you are and what you do in a casual and compelling manner is a crucial part of your personal and professional identity. An “Awareness” message is a term that is meant to describe your personal greeting about your service or business “offering” you use with a person if you only had a short time to do so.

Expected Results:
  • Decrease doubting your ability to share with others
  • Increase the casual confidence you have been looking for
  • Create magnetic attraction resulting in friends, associates, clients or students

Training Method: Correspondence Course and Email Communication with Randall Loop.

Time Line: Complete at your own pace. Typically requires up to 3 hours.


A "Connection" Story: Once you have attracted the attention of someone and the opportunity for greater connection. It is vitally important that you are able to be real. Being real creates a feeling of comfort that others will positively respond to. One magnificent way to connect is to share an emotional personal story as it relates to your life, service or business. This will assist others in imagining how direct connection and time with you would be beneficial.

Expected Results:

  • Formulate how and why your life has purpose and meaning
  • Stop performing for others and actually begin feeling your story
  • Elicit emotional responses resulting in potential connection and opportunity 

Training Method:  Correspondence Course and Email Communication with Randall Loop.

Time Line: Complete at your own pace.  Typically requires up to 3 hours.


Being "Present" with Appreciation:  Now, that you are spending time personally or professionally with someone. You can greatly assist the relationship if you remove potential hindrances by holding a “Presence” of appreciation. This means to decrease your level of importance and expand your level of presence by actively being in "appreciation" as the quiet listener, friend, associate or guide.

Expected Results:

  • Take YOU out of the equation without loosing you
  • Increase others level of importance by appreciating them
  • Neutrally observe from the place deep connection, healing or learning creates

Training Method: Correspondence and a LIVE Webinar Session with with Randall Loop.

Time Line: Can be completed after having completed Awareness and Connection Correspondence portions of the course. Can be done as an Individual or Group Webinar Session requiring up to 3 hours.


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The Developer

Randall Loop, LMT, MLC, LSH, OM has been a health/wellness professional for over 20 years. Randall is licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board as Massage Therapist. He’s also a Master Life Coach, trained in the SomaEnergetics Energy/Body Tuners, Accredited Instructor, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Avatar Master and Ordained Minister. 

He received the OAC Spirit of Healing Award in 2006 and the Columbus Ohio Peoples Health Practitioner of the Year Award in 1996.