Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute

A Program of the International Spiritual Healer Professional Associaton/ISHPA.COM

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Empowerment Sessions - 10 CE's


Course Instructions and Links will be emailed to you within 24 hours!

Includes: Printable Download Manual, Webinar, Email and Live Coaching.

This course is self paced. It is a correspondence course along with email and live contact with it's developer.  

The Sessions are called Awareness Message, Connection Story and Being Present.

Expected Results:

Decrease doubting your ability to share with others

Increase the casual confidence you have been looking for

Create magnetic attraction resulting in friends, associates, clients or students

Formulate how and why your life has purpose and meaning

Stop performing for others and actually begin feeling your story

Elicit emotional responses resulting in potential connection and opportunity

Take YOU out of the equation without loosing you

Increase others level of importance by appreciating them

Neutrally observe from the place deep connection, healing or learning creates

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