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Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology - 30 CE's

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The Objectives of this Course:

To provide an easily understood Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology.

To expand your relationship with the human body into one that is more mystical and spiritual.

To enhance your intuitive abilities when providing energetic/spiritual care to your clients.

 The Course Contains:

12 Units. There are only about 125 pages of material that is written in easy to understand language and that includes explanatory pictures.

The Units are, Unit One: Intro to the Human Body, Unit Two: Cells, Tissues and Membranes, Unit Three: Skeletal System, Unit Four: Muscular System, Unit Five: Nervous System, Unit Six: Endocrine System, Unit Seven: Cardiovascular System, Unit Eight: Lymphatic System, Unit Nine: Respiratory System, Unit Ten: Digestive System, Unit Eleven: Urinary System and Unit Twelve: Reproductive System.

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