Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute

A Program of the International Spiritual Healer Professional Associaion/ishpa.com

45 CE's

Option Based
Spiritual Coaching Skills Course

OPTION 1: Scheduled Over 4/5 Weeks with 3 or More Participants
(See the Schedule Below and Purchase)

OPTION 2: Self Paced over 90 Days with 2 or 3 Participants
(Make a Request to [email protected])

OPTION 3: One on One with an Randall Loop, LMT, MLC, LSH 
(Make a Request to [email protected])

The Option Based - Spiritual Coaching Skills Course is participated in using Webinar and Teleconference technology.

What you learn:

  • Making Requests 
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Reflective Listening
  • Supporting, Endorsing and Thanking
  • Choices, Assignments and Contracts 

What you need:

1. An Internet capable PC/MAC, Tablet or Smart Phone. You can view the Webinars online or listen to the audio if you do not have a computer (use your study guide to make notes).

2. A willingness to have fun and play with others using the skills.
What you get:
1. A complete set of Instructions to assure you can easily understand the process.
2. An Orientation Session with Randall Loop, Instructor
3. 4/5 - LIVE Webinars with 3 or more Students in Option 1.  
4. 4/5 RECORDED Webinars with at least 1 other Student in Option 2.
5. 4/5 LIVE RECORDED Webinars with  Randall Loop, Instructor in Option 3.
5. A PDF Download & Printable Spiritual Coaching Skills Study Guide.
6. Access to a Teleconference system to use for your practice sessions each week for at least 1.5 hours.
7. Regular Demos of the Skills with the Instructor and your Final DEMO.
8. A FREE Enhancement Package!


Spiritual Coaching Skills Course

Mondays - 4 Weeks

7:00 - 9:00pm EST

January 8 - WEEK 1: Orientation, Making Requests & Active Listening Skills

January 15 - WEEK 2: Reflective Listening, Supporting, Endorsing and Thanking

January 22 - WEEK 3: Choices, Assignments and Contracts 

January 29 - WEEK 4: Practicum/Oral Examination, Licensing & Enhancements



Randall makes learning about coaching enjoyable and understandable.

I'm amazed each week how much I learn. Each opening thought is tailor-made for me. Thank you, Randall.

So wonderful to be learning layer by layer. The transformation is gradual, but I see the coach forming within me. Thank you so much.

Randall - you are very patient with us and all the technology issues that arise. That truly helps so much as it can be very frustrating sometimes!! I also appreciate how subject matter is taught, practiced and then tested. You do such a good job at moderating everyone!

Very informative, I felt welcome and at ease. Very blessed to be part of the study.


Those who are in Training with CARE - Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education as CRTS/LSH/CAC or BCRS/LSH/CAC are to seek Basic Coaching Skills from Terry at Academy 4 Coaching or Spiritual Coaching Skills from Jackie at Healer Coach

If you were referred to Randall Loop by a C.A.R.E Student/Instructor/Trainer, email Jackie to get taking Spiritual Coaching Skills from him approved.

If you were referred to Randall Loop by Terry or Jackie then 

Proceed and Purchase

Option 1-2-3  
Buy Now!


This courses will assist you in Professional Development, to become Certified and or Licensed as a Spiritual Healer!