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Self Paced - Spiritual Coaching Skills Course "Masterful Communications" - 45 CE's


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The Self Paced Spiritual Coaching Skills Course is participated in using Webinar and Teleconference technology and at a pace that is more suitable to your schedule rather than that of a group. Typically it can be done in as little as 4 weeks. You have 90 days from purchasing the course to complete it.

IMPORTANT STATEMENT: Those who are in Training with CARE - Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education as CRTS/LSH/CAC or BCRS/LSH/CAC are to seek your Basic Spiritual Coaching Skills Course from Terry ([email protected]) at Academy 4 Coaching or Spiritual Coaching Skills with Jackie ([email protected]) at Healer Coach.

If you were referred to Randall Loop by another CARE Student/Instructor/Trainer then email Jackie ([email protected]m) for Approval to take Spiritual Coaching Skills from him.

If you were referred to Randall Loop directly by Terry or Jackie then Proceed with your Purchase!


Self Paced Class Now Forming

What you learn:

Making Requests

Active Listening Skills

Reflective Listening

Supporting, Endorsing and Thanking

Choices, Assignments, and Contracts

What you need:

1. An Internet-capable PC/MAC, Tablet or Smart Phone. You can view the Webinars online or listen to the audio if you do not have a computer (use your study guide to make notes).

2. A fellow student, family member or friend to assist you by playing the role of a client in order for you to practice coaching skills.

What you get:

1. A complete set of Instructions to assure you can easily understand the process.

2. An Orientation Session with Randall Loop, Accredited Instructor

3. 4/5 - PRE-RECORDED Webinars that are up to 2 hours in length.

3. A PDF Download & Printable Spiritual Coaching Skills Study Guide.

4. Access to a Teleconference system to use for your practice sessions each week for at least 1.5 hours.

5. Personal assistance anytime and a LIVE Final Oral Demo and Coaching with our Accredited Instructor.

6. A FREE Enhancement Package!

By registering with your purchase you understand Participation Instructions for each of the steps listed in this course will be provided. You understand that you are Registering for 4/5 Week Webinar Teleconference type Course.

Assignments, practice sessions with a partner and demo sessions with an Instructor are required.

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